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Serious events require serious hardware here at SYNERGY A.V.S we have you covered no matter the scale or technically complex.

SYN-215-FH - 2000w

The SYN-215-FH speaker is a twin 15″ upright full range speaker made from 100% air pocket free Birch Plywood boasting an incredible 2000w RMS power that's 2000w continuous or 4000w Peak!, just one of these speakers will easily cater to audiences in excess of 1000+ people.

  • Genuine 2000w Continious RMS Rating 3-Way System
  • 141dB peak
  • 4 Ohm rated
  • 1.4'' titanium diaphragm compression driver
  • Frequency Range 47Hz - 19kHz
  • Coverage 120° x 60° nominal
  • Dimensions = 51 x 52 x 118 cm
  • Weight = 43kg

SYN-312-FH - 3000w

The SYN-312-FH speaker is a 3000w RMS continious powerhouse, it has three 12" drivers sitting one on top of the other, the upper of the three is a subwoofer being fed via a 3 Way crossover so that it handles bass frequencies, leaving the lower two 12" drivers to handle mid-range responsibilities.

  • Genuine 3000w Continious RMS Rating 3-Way System
  • 143dB peak
  • 4 Ohm rated
  • 1.75'' titanium diaphragm compression driver
  • Frequency Range 42Hz - 20kHz
  • Coverage 120° x 60° nominal
  • Dimensions = 25 x 38 x 122 cm
  • Weight = 41kg

SYN-18-S - 2000w

The SYN-18-S 2000w RMS Subwoofer delivers 2000w RMS (4800w Peak) at 4 Ohm and goes down to 32 Hz - with a max SPL of 148dB. We believe provides the tightest and most defined bass frequency response available in the UK today and is probably the most reliable 18" cast alloy driver in the UK today with over 5000 pieces sold and only 6 have come back for a re-cone.

  • Genuine 2000w RMS Rating
  • Max SPL (dB) 148dB
  • 4 Ohm rated
  • 4" Voice coil
  • Frequency Range 32Hz - 158kHz
  • Coverage 120° x 60° nominal
  • Dimensions = 58 x 67 x 73 cm
  • Weight = 42kg

SYN-21-S - 3000w

The SYN-21-S 3000w RMS Subwoofer delivers 3000w RMS (6000w Peak) at 4 Ohm and goes down to 29 Hz - with a max SPL of 145dB. This 21-inch Neodymium Subwoofer is encased in my 18mm Birch Marine Plywood cabinet. This passive neodymium subwoofer delivers over 145 dB SPL. We use these to deliver the Sub Bass frequencies that an 18" cannot deliver. Use these at low volume under the 18" subwoofer to truly experience low frequencies.

  • Genuine 3000w RMS Rating
  • Max SPL (dB) 145dB
  • 4 Ohm rated
  • 5" Voice coil
  • Frequency Range 29Hz - 158kHz
  • Coverage 120° x 60° nominal
  • Dimensions = 80 x 65 x 77 cm
  • Weight = 52kg

SYN-ALINE-4 - 2000w

The SYN-ALINE-4 If you want perfect British sound without compromise backed up by our Lifetime British Guarantee you are in the right hands. This has taken us 3 years to perfect and outperforms every other active line array of this configuration. Hands down.

This compact dual 4" fully active line array with a 12" neodymium active subwoofer. The frequency response is 38Hz - 20kHz and 125 dB SPL.A genuine 2000w RMS Active system with DSP. Class-D 1000w + 1000w Amplifier.

  • Genuine 2000w RMS Rating
  • Max SPL (dB) 148dB
  • PowerCON Power
  • 4" Voice coil
  • Frequency Range 30Hz - 22kHz
  • Coverage 120° x 30° + 90 Degree Adjustable Dispersion
  • Cabinet Dimensions = 13 x 20 x 47 cm
  • Weight = 81kg

SYN-PLINE-8 - 3000w

The SYN-PLINE-8 Each of the 4 boxes contains 2 x 8" Neo Drivers with 2.5" voice coils and 2 x 1.35 HF units with Titanium diaphragms. Each box delivers 800w RMS and operates at 65~20KHZ.

Designed to perform at maximum efficiency with a dispersion of 90°x10° and minimum weight each plywood box only weighs 18kg and measures 68cm Wide, 40cm Deep and 38cm High.

  • Genuine 3000w RMS Rating
  • Max SPL (dB) 148dB
  • Minimum 250m+ Throw
  • 4" Voice coil
  • Frequency Range 30Hz - 20kHz
  • Coverage 120° x 10° + 90 Degree Adjustable Dispersion
  • Cabinet Dimensions = 79 x 42 x 129 cm
  • Weight = 92kg

SYN-F12-M - 400w

The SYN-F12-M This 12" Two Way Delta Professional Wedge Monitor is simply superb, crystal clear with the ultimate on-stage fold back.

With our cast alloy BDP12 woofer and BRC135 HF titanium compression driver, this 2 -way monitor is crystal clear from 50 Hz up to 18KHz. The 45-degree angle is perfect for performers to hear precisely what they are singing or playing.

  • Genuine 400w RMS Rating
  • Max SPL (dB) 128dB
  • 8 Ohm rated
  • 1.75'' titanium diaphragm compression driver
  • Frequency Range 30Hz - 18kHz
  • Coverage 80° x 50°
  • Cabinet Dimensions = 45 x 47 x 61 cm
  • Weight = 15kg

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